Is SCUBA Diving Dangerous?

By Chris Russello 

This is a question I get asked all the time!  I received my first scuba certification in 1972 and in my opinion the answer is NO, however like any other sports or life experiences there are risks. With proper training you can reduce the risks of getting injured.

Scuba Diving is an amazing sport. This is the only planet I know you can live in one world and visit another. Mr. Buzz Aldrin once said “My favorite thing to do on this planet is to scuba dive”.

As I mentioned above, Scuba Diving like any other sport has inherent risks. It is so important you receive the proper training and have the right equipment.

I remember my first time breathing underwater. It was a confined water pool session and I was nervous putting the regulator in my mouth and going underwater.  Once I did it WOW WHAT AN EXPERIENCE I CAN BREATHE!

My first ocean experience was at Paradise Cove in Malibu CA. Once I swam pass the waves and dropped underwater I was hooked. I still dive today, almost 51 years later.

I was very fortunate, I had a great instructor who taught me. I remember what he always said “Common sense and comfort is 90% of diving”. Owning your own scuba equipment is very important. Not having your own equipment is like getting your divers license and every time you want to go somewhere you rent a car.

Other comments I get from people are “Diving is very expensive”. Yes, you invest in good training and equipment, however if you wanted to play golf what does is cost for golf lessons? Golf clubs? Green fees every time you play a round? OR you want to go fishing, buy fishing gear, maybe a boat or paying for a charter. Investing is good training and good gear lasts for years, so is the cost really that expense vs. what you get for your investment?  In my opinion NO!

A Scuba Diving certification card from a recognized Certification Agency is good for a lifetime and you can Scuba Dive all over the world.

Scuba Diving is fun, exciting and full of life time of memories. In my opinion it is SAFE. Can it be dangerous? Yes if you take dangerous risks, i.e. diving without proper education, training or equipment for the dive, diving beyond your training, OR diving with certain medical conditions etc. Until next time. Have fun and be safe.